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Where’s the goddamn book?’

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Charlie hasn’t been very lucky at finding the information she needs to write for the Rietveld’s DesignBlog. Before, she wrote something about Typography artist Bram de Does. She told me all about her search to find the information she needed, which was all in one book ‘The Kaba Ornament’. Totally fixated on that one book, she searched the Gerrit Rietveld library, the Rijksacademie Library and even the Amsterdam Public Library, to find nothing but a video on de Does. Now Charlie has to write something for the blog again, which involves a handmade book from Rietveld students. But this book too proved hard to find.

Five days before the deadline of the Bram de Does piece, she found the publisher of the book, who shared a number of useful anecdotes with her. Let’s hope she’ll be successful in finding the handmade book as well.

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posted by Jesse Muller

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