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Birch Hands

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The concentration is at its highest point but the mind is totally free.

The figure is still and only the old hands are moving in a certain rhythm.

They work very precisely, repeating the cercal of movements, every one of which is polished to the perfection. These hands have been doing that for years. They know every movement and every detail of the material in them, which becomes very obedient in these hands.

In the room there stand a bit sweet thin scent, the scent of a birch bark. This scent and the feeling of a wooden strip between the fingers give this incredible warmth and create the illusion of a forest around.

At a certain point, the process becomes a meditation, and there is no more distinction between the material and the hands. They become a single indivisible whole. And at this very moment the nature triumphs, because at this very moment two of her creatures are brought together in the beautiful eternal harmony.

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