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Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Tags for the Rietveld Library:

How do you find interesting books when you don’t know what you are looking for? How do you stray through the collection in search of inspiration? Can the library catalogue help you or do you better construct one yourself, Exploring connections in the library between design- and artbooks, students created keywords/tags that linked them together.
a recount of tagging the library

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overview, freedom, animal, elder, identity, intervention, repetition, connection, tattoo, self sufficiancy, structuur, illustration, pyramid, leader, visual language, individuality, playground, best, give, beeld, independent, shelter, West Coast, time, neon, develope envelope, fragile, construction, wisdom, invention, oppervlak, culture.

Why a tattoo?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tattoo’s have been a trend for centuries. For some people it can even become an obsession.

Why would you choose to have a tattoo and what would you be interested in to have scratched into your skin permanently for the rest of your life? That are the questions you should ask yourself before you go to the shop and have a tattoo.

Some people choose to have a tribal, some an oriental drawing all over their back, but why do they choose that and what does it add to them as a person?

For example, a friend of mine has a tribal which he got when he was 16years old. Now he is 27 and he doesn’t like it anymore. So why did he have it actually? Because of the fashionable trend at that time? Or thought he would be cool? I don’t know, but what I do know now is why I had my tatoo. At first I just liked the image but now it has a meaning to me. I choose to have a chinese dragon and I have it on my chest. To me it means that sometimes I have to spit some fire.

I think most of the times a tattoo could emphassis the karakter and individuality of a person, even when it’s something that’s not even meaningful to them. This is why I choose this book.

Cat nr: 7464

keyword: individuality


Thursday, March 26, 2009

This whole century fashion has been very influenced by the arts. This is because of co-operations from the fashion- and artscene which started already in the beginning of the 20th century.

In the 80’s fashion was brought to the next level, there was an economic growth which brought the attitude of the individualism. On the other hand this pushed the rhythm of change which meant the originality was less interesting because of the many copies and this ended the modernity. The post modern esthetics blew the galleries and museums away with its welfare.

Everything was said and done, from now on creations were nothing more then reproductions. The convervatism who denied the value of progress and ideology, focussed on the main values. This means they re-appreciated the art of painting now-a-days and from the crinoline.

Today again we are very much into individuality, which forces us to be more and more personal with ourselves. The will to keep your unique individual self is actually a statement which connects you to a certain group. You want to be seen for your specific, different individual personality and want to be recognised for this. And because you are not the only one you suit in a certain group that thinks in the same way as you do so you still fit in a box. Off course every person is different, but actually how unique and individual are we…..?

Catalog nr: 11297

keyword: individuality

The power of fashion

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I was looking in the libriary for an interesting designbook and saw numbers of books about design. The reason I chose this book is because I think there is nothing shallow about fashiondesign. In the artworld fashion can be seen as commercial and not meaningful but I think that’s wrong. Fashion is all about meaning, at least it is to me.

Why do you choose to wear what you are wearing today?

What were you thinking this morning when you picked your yellow sweater or your black dress?

Why did you buy them?
This all has a simple answer. Individuality.

Who are you and how do you want other people to see you? How do you feel and how does that reflect by what you’re wearing on other people?

cat. nr: 14975

keyword: individuality


Thursday, January 15, 2009

What is your identity? And in what level are you aware of your
identity, of your individuality? That is an interesting word. But what
does that mean? The word is not in the dictionary en Google can only
finds design companies. A definition was not found. But for sure it is
a combination of the words individuality and visual. How important is
the relationship between the way you are and your visual appearance?
Should it be equal or is it actually a mask? Do you hide your identity
or do you use your visual-part to show it?


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