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Thursday, March 19, 2009

I was always very into illustrations i decide to looking for some book about that. I found one called “Illustration now!” by Julius Wiedemann. I have to say that i was quite disappointed, because i can’t found a lot of nice pictures in this book. Most of them was far from my taste.
Anyway there was few artist which works i really like. I have to
distinguished here Paula Sanz Caballero, Michael Sowa, Yihsin Wu and Graham Roumieu. I would like to present to you work of the last person. Graham Roumieu is  Canadian illustrator which was working with many famous newspapers(e.g. New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post). His works made by watercolor and ink has kind of bitter-sweet atmosphere that i really like. He describe himself like that: “I’m not a particularly religious person but sometimes I wonder if what I am doing with every little absurd scenario I draw is really laying down the blue print for my afterlife. I also wonder if I should work in a better-ventilated space. Either way I am quit scares. I use that in my work too.”

cat. nr: 758.4-wie-I

keyword: illustration

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  1. admin Says:

    Illustration is not a part of design as we see it at the academy. For a better result you should browse the art / drawing section. Illustration in The Netherlands / and Rietveld is defined differently, as a much more autonomous (and less applied) approach to story telling than in most other countries. The book design catagory does not apply as your content does not concern the design of the book. Graphic design and illustration are two different things too. Don’t mix-up graphics and graphic design. Maybe the Language and Image catagory applies best?

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