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I weigh it, you price it, I buy it, I design it

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I have a bonuskaart like you have. Is it me? This keychain. I am what I eat, buy..and design? Let’s not talk about the design yet. So, is it me? No, I am related to Albert since I was born. In a way I am Albert. This bonuskaart, a tool for cheaper personal applied nourishment. A bloodline basically, blue from origin. Talking in this familiar way, makes me think that Albert needs my information to give me better offers. Offcourse, why are a lot of people afraid of this? You are not being tricked less or more, then you would when you lived from your mothers blood a long time ago. Since we can walk, talk and eat, we can also weigh price and buy it ourselves. I can even design my own bonuskaart now. You can!
The original design is probably made by Mark Balvers but I am not so certain about this. Ask him!

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