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standing still

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I will start with a beautifull sentence that has inspired me often. ”standing still for a moment, is actually a big step forward. So I stand still the whole day”. This sentence is a complete overview of what slowness is for me. But is this in connexion to any kind of design or art? For me in some cases this standing still adds a big layer in looking at things. By looking at objects and art for more than an hour and from the same perspective, it gives a new strength. But is there a way to make other people expierence this power of standing still. What could design/art add to this?

One Response to “standing still”

  1. Jane Mumford Says:

    Difficult to make other people really want to stand still, if it’s not in their nature. It’s like trying to make people appreciate an artwork or a poem when they’re just not interested. You could try and tease them by making a video where something’s changing very slowly, and give them the hope that the ending will be really amazing (so that it’s worth it for them), but if they find out it doesn’t meet their expectations they’ll walk away twice as fast.

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