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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Book: Power?… To Which People?!

Author: Jonas Staal

Graphic Designer: Laura d’Ors



I chose this book first of all because of its colour. The cover of the book is completely grey, except for the white letters that show the title and publisher of the book. The sides of the pages are grey as well, so that the book looks a bit like s stone or tile. I found this intriguing because it gives the book a different quality than other books, not sticking to the traditional division between pages and cover, but presenting itself as a whole.

When I took the book from the shelf, I noticed that it didn’t feel like paper or cardboard. The cover was made of a kind of rubber that feels smooth but at the same time rough, and that is very satisfying to touch. After stroking the book for around thirty minutes, I decided that this was the one my research should evolve around.

Another thing that struck me about it, was the way interpunction was used in the title. Instead of writing “Power…?”, so with the three dots preceding the question mark, it had been written as “Power?…” so with the question mark preceding the three dots. This is an uncommon way of writing and it immediately made me wonder why.

When flipping through the book, I noticed that there was a picture of a painting on page 52 that consisted of nothing more than a surface of the exact same grey as that of the book cover. I was curious what the connection would be between the outside and the inside of the book.

Although we had been told not to focus too much on the content of the book while making our choice, I couldn’t help but connect the title and the scraps of text I had read to the design right away. The greyness to me somehow directly related to the subject of power, the uniformity of it made me think that everything that was written inside there was somehow enfolded in the same grey mass, like our opinions and lives are enfolded in the structures of power that surround us.



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