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Friday, January 30, 2009

how would it be to echo somebody?
how would it be to be echoed?
how does it feel, to be allowed to echo somebody?
how sensitive are you to get a good connection to his/her mind or presentation?
hoe does it feel to be echoed by somebody else?
is he/she sensible enough with your thoughts?
should everything be open, or is it better to hold something behind?
are there any rules or lines which should be followed?
i mean… is it really necessary to be always soft and sensible or what would change it, if you would cross the line?
about yourself, it is an easy question, i think you know your inner mine very well?
but how much do you know about the lines of the others?
or how easily can we meet in the middle of that line?

link: Osilloscope

One Response to “lines”

  1. Henk Groenendijk Says:

    a feeling about this sensitive post is that some of its subtile intensions got lost in the translation (german-english) work on that. The text is meaningful and gets a real interesting visual dimension trought the scientific image. The link however is to much of the same thing and could have been used much more in a metaphorical way, or to show a solid connection to the source of this text.
    To what caused this reflection?.

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