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Thursday, February 12, 2009

“Slow” for me is enjoying life in the way I like it myself.
The slowest thing that I did, which I can remember, is to make an artwork.

Sometimes it takes months or years to finish it.
The process of being an artist is also slow for me, but I am enjoying this process a lot. The most unique part of an artwork is that not everyone can understand the meaning and feeling of it. During my research I have found sentences from Robert Hughes that made me very curious:

What we need more of art: art that holds time as a vase holds water; art that grows out of modes of perception and making whose skill and doggedness make you think and feel; art that isn’t merely sensational, that doesn’t get its message across in ten seconds, that isn’t falsely iconic, that hooks onto something deep-running in our natures”.
It makes an artist very special making this kind of art.

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