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Not Enough

Sunday, April 24, 2011

To me, most of the exhibition about beauty in science was a bit dull. It seemed more as inspiration material you could base an art piece on, or relate it to.

But, not as something ready to be exhibited in an art museum.

Sure, i was perceiving science a little differently, now that it was placed in an art museum. Opening other senses/putting other parts of my brain in motion.

But I think it wasn’t enough, and a too easy choice, to just frame something that didn’t really have a human filter to it that much.

That suggestion of a different view/way of looking wasn’t there for me.

It felt too national geographical(?) as if the machine that was used to document, had too much to say in it. Instead of an artists creative angle. That bridge between mysticism and science/“the real”. That is what makes something art to me.

I read the exhibition more as pieces out of balance, so to say.

I did enjoy watching the changing shapes/loose forms video at the beginning. Wich in my eyes was displaying a world on its own. Not like the rest of the exhibition, as a specimen of ours. But, maybe more as a metaphor for it. Constantly changing, mutating.

It had this physicality to it that I missed in the other pieces. I can’t really lay my finger on it. But, maybe it was just stronger because the piece had moving images.

I later found out it was flower reacting to sound waves.

pretty cool.

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