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think, think and rethink!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This visually rich and exciting book represents unique collection of the most recent T’s works.  Some of them are even published for the first time. So the most up to date information is served for the critical reader’s mind.



T is considered to be one of the most successfully developing and promising artists of the young generation. In this visually overloaded times artist goes back to the strategies used by Pop art artists in the sixties. So there is a clear link with an art history and an attempt to rethink and reflect the art history topics from nowadays perspectives. He pays close attention to the mass production market and to the strategies used by the advertising. Furthermore, he deconstructs them and focuses on the most intriguing and topical issues. In that way T’s works become socially and culturally critical and react to the contemporary sociocultural issues. Despite that complex intellectual content the artist still makes visually intriguing art works appreciated even by the pickiest art lovers.

Carefully arranged visual information in the book show artist’s development through recent years and highlights the main motifs and themes. Colorful prints and drawings are represented alongside with the photos and video stills. In that way reader can get a broader view how artist’s approach to sometimes even closely related themes varies through different medias applied by the artist. In addition to that, book gives a glimpse to the research material accumulated by T. So reader can see how ideas developed from the starting point to the final result. In other words – gets a unique chance to peek into artist’s creative kitchen. In that way reader is not just a passive person simply turning book pages and consuming visual information but can actively follow work process, get to know research material and also think through topics which seems interesting and intriguing.

In addition to that, a comprehensive introduction is published in this book. The main attention in it is focused on T’s works in to the contemporary ideological climate, to define the context and to draw clear links with other contemporaries. Also to consider T’s art in the art historical context, to emphasize links with Pop art, other styles and influences. In that way T’s works can be discussed from many different perspectives and attain more critical view. So the reader is encouraged to actively react to the visual information published in the book not only from his/her own point of view but also to take introduction as a highlight or a starting point.

Such a precisely arranged book involves the reader into the active critical interaction where written and visual material can be treated as a trigger for further ideas, opinions and conclusions.


this post is part of he subjective library project "Unopened Book"
the book can be found at the Rietveld library : catalog no : -tee-1

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