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Who Sets The Standard!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Today, virtually every designer works with the same creative software, which to a large degree determines the aesthetics of design. Millions of websites make use of just a handful of basic layouts. Browsers, search engines and content management systems have the same implications for the design of the web as the offset press and the A4 format once had for printed material.

Technology has always had a great influence on design. The modernistic visual language became successful because it could be easily reproduced, not because of its idealistic principles.

The business community, brands, and media fight for the attention of the critical consumer. Design speaks a universal language and extends beyond geographic borders. Jan Tschichold can be satisfied.

The question is who was really responsible for this: celebrated superstar designers or anonymous engineers driven by ingenious marketing concepts? Successful design has become the equal of generic design. Recognition is the most successful product of our time.

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