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“A soft beat from the sky”

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The exhibition to the Zuiderzee-museum itself was preceded by a moment in which I really felt connected to my country, the Netherlands. Descending from the train, the wind and sky managed to awaken conflicting feelings regarding the Dutch folklore. A typical Dutch sky colored in dark purple gray pink, white beige and all colors in between carrying raindrops building up in the belly of the sky. Waiting to burst over the open waters of the Ijsselmeer. The smell of wooden boats and the whistling of the wind through the energetic sails with stature and strength. By pushing my sunglasses higher up and closer to the eyes, the lines separating the sky from sea became clearer. Pushed by the wind and the rain, the rhythm of the roofs covered with red tiles led to the smell of the Hema “rookworst” warming my mind. Seeing the beauty with a soberness and acceptance of circumstances, surviving in tougher times characterizes the Dutch people and at the same time bonds me to them. Looking at the way they deal for example with the weather by inventing an umbrella suitable for tougher times, I think it symbolizes the Dutch people. keyword: storm umbrella

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  1. Thorgerdur Thorhallsdottir Says:

    I agree with your statement on how weather can be a part of folklore, weather has an effect on the characteristics of a nation. In Iceland for example the people are very influenced by the weather and it is throughout the country a shared experience. It is the nation’s favourite topic undoubtedly! From this climate all our tradtitions arise, what people made, was mainly for keeping warm. The people had to “adapt and invent”. I believe also the cold climate is the reason for the typical blunt, direct and impolte personality of an Icelander. In the winter we experience only 4 hours sunlight each day which is main reason for the great depression the nation suffers around 4 months of every year. Then in the summer months when it never goes dark the moods of the people change drastically. This is something we all go through together, a great unbreakable bond.

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