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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lace, does it need a presentation?
The history or origin… it is antique but not really clear where it came from, used in many culture, with conotation, with meaning, with symbolism.
The different types… Needle Lace, Cutwork, Bobbin Lace, Tape Lace, Knotted Lace, Crocheted Lace or Machine Lace.
The intention… manually made visual decoration.
Many things can be said about it’s past but is it really that important?

Let’s focus on the influence of lace in our future.

Lace, as every one knows it, is used for clothing and accessories, in folklore or modern fashion design but that is not the only place where the lace is used. In present time its presents can be found in art, architecture or even in contemporary design.

The “Lace Fence”, developed by the Dutch design house Demakersvan, is one of the works that was influenced by classic lace. This fusion between the industrial metal fence and lace embroidery modifies and cultivates a different look to our environment. What it achieves is, hostility versus kindness, industrial versus craft.

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