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The book which chose me

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

my choice of this book (swiss folk art) or its choice of me – followed the following sequence.

i entered the library-. 1.) i chose a book on indian road signs. this choice, however, did not feel honest- the choice of it was hasty in the midst of the others fighting for those more striking or easily appealing books, i felt that i was influenced in some way not because i wanted that book but- because i did not want someone else to have it. so; 2) i decided to make another choice this time choosing  a book that i had no affinity with un purpose-a grey dull and univiting book featuring fashion models, this choice was daunting, and felt highly ‘wrong’. 3.) i walked to another more remote section of the library and there felt stumped, lost, numb. then out of a hazey mindstate i was pulled by this book and the desire to possess it. i have still not opened it or looked inside.

Rietveld Academie Library No: eu-zwit 773.3 bau

swiss folk art

4 Responses to “The book which chose me”

  1. Linda Smit Says:

    I think I like the book in your hands. It looks like a fairy tail book to me and I love fairy tails. Very beautiful, organic like details on the cover. I think I might have picked it if I would have seen it first.

  2. René van Heel Says:

    Thank you for introducing to me the concept of Indian Road signs, looked them up on the internet. Funny and entertaining. Thank you!
    And the book you have in your hands looks like bad kitsch, please burn it.

  3. Nora Turato Says:

    It’s funny to see you next to the book that looks like some early print edition of Don Quijote looking like Sancho Pansa. Maybe you were attracted to it because of this simple visual connection that is going around you and book in a esthetic way.

  4. Malou Paul Says:

    You make me very curious, about what’s in the book. I keep asking myself, when reading your post, if you’ve opened the book yet. Did you?

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