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1000 Signs

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Walking through the library without a specific direction in mind my eyes crossed a book with a few signs on the back. No title, only the publisher (taschen) and the editor (colors magazine). I got attracted by these signs because they pulled my eyes immediately in its direction. Like signs have to do, they tell you how fast to go, where to stop, where to turn. Going through the book it was nice to see the different signs in different languages. Even if there is an Arabic text in the sign you still now what to do.

The nice thing about signs is the paradox in it. If we all follow the signs in a strict way, we will not get anywhere. Because at one point you will come across a dead end- or a stop sign. But if no one gives anything about the signs and ignore them it will become a complete mess.

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5 Responses to “1000 Signs”

  1. Carl Schröder Says:

    Great photo! It grabbed my attention immediately. I share your fascination for signs and the paradoxes they often inherit. That’s why I like the pic so much. Who would go past that sign anyhow?

    On the other hand the arabic sign you talked about could have been interesting too.

    I would really love to add some other examples of paradox signs but unfortunately I think this blog doesn’t allow this function.

  2. admin Says:
    japanese signs

  3. Megan van Kessel Says:

    I had to do my examination for my drivers licence in the German part of Belgium. A man who only spoke French with a German accent was my teacher. I always had the excuse that I didn’t pass because of my multicultural lessons, but that’s why they invented ‘signs’ so that people like me can also drive on the road.

    I still don’t have my drivers licence.

  4. Judith van Werkhoven Says:

    The way you describe how your eyes crossed this book, is the same way my eyes crossed this picture. Immediately, I wonder what the post is about, and what your are ‘pointing’ me at. I think you have succeeded very well in combining picture and text, they are very complimentary.

  5. Maria Ogliastri Larrea Says:

    What makes you STOP,
    the word which demands an action or the image of the imposed authority?

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