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I Sculpt Me

Monday, November 24, 2008

I visited ‘Sculpt Me Point’ which is made by Marti Guixe. He is from Spain and living and working in Barcelona and Berlin. He is an interior designer and food artist mainly, and he has made many interesting products. I like some of his product design things very much (plant me pets, and some art tape things).

In this year he participated in ExperimentaDesign Amsterdam 2008 presents Droog Event 2: Urban Play. Sculpt Me Point is his project and it is kind of public art. It was on the empty space in front of Lloyd Hotel. The big cube consists of many white big bricks with attached hammers and chisels each side allowing people to sculpt the stone. A circular bench is for protecting the area. When I visit there the first time, the stone was clean except 2, 3 sculptures looks like be sculpted by the artist and some names from couples. Children and babies mostly like that as a play ground with canvas. I also could see couples who sculpt their names. 2 days before Urban Play finishes, I visited there again to check differences from beginning. Each corner was cut and much more words sculpted by people. I also wanted to sculpt something so I sculpt my face on that. Many people asked me that am I an artist while I made it and some children watched me for some minutes. It was my first experience to do something on the other artist’s work in public place and it was very funny and exciting.

posting by Inup Park

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