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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Part I

The object in which I’ve stumble upon, has no more than refined curves. The sensuality that carries its shape generates pleasure to the eyes. It invites you to caress its smooth curves and smell every inch of its pronounced surface. Once you’ve done it you will not want to be without it.

Part II

After having looked at the different characteristics which I found interesting in my previous object, I’ve decided that I will be translating these into a chair.

It’s simple, smooth and distinguished contour seems to be a match to the outline of the human body, as if it was the missing piece need to complete a big jigsaw puzzle where the body was the main feature. Such complementary piece seems to be a perfect fit for the curves that characterise the human body. Extrapolating this figure to a seating device for the human being seems a natural step as it adopts the forms of the human body providing an anatomical chair, which provides natural and resting support to the body.

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