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The Tribe

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let me tell you something about Jesse Muller.
Jesse has a social handicap. She is a perfectionist.
She wears a suit – I call it the ‘what-I’m-not-supposed-to-look-like-but-want-to-look-like-suit’. – Jesse is part of a tribe that can not function in society because of their social handicaps. This is why they only come out at night.
If you ever come across any members of the tribe – who I can tell you are pretty shocking, have you ever seen a man with six arms? – be sure to move out of the way.
Somewhere there is a book about this mysterious tribe. But I am affraid that – just like the tribe – it only comes out at night

posted by Charlie Bakker

One Response to “The Tribe”

  1. Henk Groenendijk Says:

    did the book ever surfaced?

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