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wannabe cool – or actually being cool?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My black leather boots have a kind of cool “Bob Dylan look”, but for me personally in an ironic way. They look feminine and wrinkly, and feel hard and soft. There lines are both straight and curvy. Everyday they elevate and fall following an ongoing rhythm.

This description of some of the characteristics of the shape resulted in a new

shape, spacebike-model but with some of the same features – a cargo-bike. Especially parts of the pattern in the center of the boots were inspirational for the structure of the metal bars connecting the bicycle. There strict straightnes, but with round tops resemble the ones on the bike. Besides that, the potential of movement in the leather boots generates an even bigger  potential in the bicycle.

The bicycle is in contrast to the boots not cool in an ironic way, but in a more sincere way, being funtional, having an original and simple design and being environmentally friendly.


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