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Tribe 2

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I want to introduce Nadja Voorham. She likes to dance and she wants to be a part of a tribe with no rules and religion. The biggest rule of them is “ music” and they call themself  “Bling Bling”.  It is a very strange tribe, because when music is playing around, they begin to dance. Very strange. They have to hear one tune and the dance automatically comes out. And when the music stops, the dance also stops. The tribe doesn’t care about the comment of the society. They are very loyal to their rule and their reputation. link to bling bling

posted by Raz Barsatie

One Response to “Tribe 2”

  1. Jane Mumford Says:

    I was in the lucky group that got to watch the performance live, and it was really amazing. The dance worked out beautifully with a surprisingly good group-coordination (everyone doing the same movements at the same time). Nice to see a close-up of the makeup too!

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