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Saturday, January 10, 2009

While working on a Graphic Design assignment, a Rietveld student experienced computerphobia, or fear of computers.
A research team has identified three types of computerphobia and treatment for each. In brief:

The Anxious Computerphobic, with physical symptoms such
as sweaty palms and back tension. Treatment: systematic
desensitization, relaxation techniques, imagining situations in which
computers have been a source of anxiety.

The Cognitive Computerphobic, certain that the computer is smarter than he or she is. Treatment: stop the negative thoughts by “creating a void”, and replacing them with positive thoughts to give a feeling of competence.

The Uncomfortable User, among other things done in
this treatment process, the insides of a computer are shown and
floppy disks are cut apart.

Or you could take a look at: “Fingerprint: The Art of Using Handmade Elements in Graphic Design”
by Chen Design Associates. Or this video X

posted by Arthur Perdijk

3 Responses to “Computerphobia”

  1. Charlie Bakker Says:

    Nice posting. Only I would have left out the video. It’s horrible.

  2. Nadja Voorham Says:

    i like that you wrote about an experience the student had during the assignment, instead of talking what he/she did for the graphic design assignment.

    and i have to agree with charlie about the video.

  3. Jane Mumford Says:

    maybe it would have been nice to know why the student developed computerphobia – or if he found a cure for himself in the end?

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