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exchange indivisuality

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Let’s go a bit deeper into the word indivisuality and subjects around it. Especially the subject exchange. Would you exchange your indivisuality with someone else? If you would, would you go all the way and even change your name and habits, or is it only about visual appearance? Where is the line between individuality and visuality. Can you see these two things as two different things which can be separated or are the always connected with each other? Is it possible to exchange only parts of the indivisuality or do you have to go all the way? Can you exchange your indivisuality? Or can you only pretend?

2 Responses to “exchange indivisuality”

  1. admin Says:

    very nice how you continue from your last weeks posting. With this second posting you do make an interseting step by asking less general questions. Can individuality be shown or do we only exist within (Sartre). Will “fashion’s” attempt to fix general visual statements ever work. What about the individuality of the “Invisible Man”. I miss a supporting image to this posting to make your point more clear. Instead of the actor in the last picture –who are by rule professional “indivisualists”. Do you know Mike and Matt? I Want a Famous Face” is a MTV programme which follows the transformation of twelve young people who have choosen to use plastic surgery to look like their celebrity idols (
    Next time about Avatar’s?

  2. Jane Mumford Says:

    I think indivisuality is often a poor attempt at role-playing. I’m thinking of all the 13 year old “gangsters” who pretend to be totally hardcore drinking alcopops and smoking cigarettes, wearing what their idols wear so they feel as tough as them. And anyone wearing a suit and tie is also trying to convey the message: “Trust me, I’m a professional”. At an art school it’s nice that you won’t be discriminated for looking/dressing the way you want, because of the unspoken rule that anything goes as long as it’s what makes you feel comfortable and is part of your personal taste and character. But any extravagance will quickly feel fake if it’s just a way to get attention.
    Exchanging visual appearance would not change your core, if it’s a secure and concious core. But it could definitely change people’s perception of you – it’s very hard not to have a first opinion of someone based on how they look – and through that also the way you react towards people. Over time, perhaps, it could change your behaviour, but not the core I think.

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