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The Design of Our Reality

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Perceiving Reality. Every experience that can be had is a probability within our consciousness. Our experience is created in the Mind and is always 1/10 of a second delayed from reality. This delay is attributed to the processing time frame that occurs in the brain. When we visually perceive our environment, the photoreceptor neurons in the retina collect the light (frequencies) and send signals to a network of neurons that then generate electrical impulses that go to the brain. The brain then processes those impulses and gives information about what we are seeing to the self-aware experiencer, the conscious Mind.

"Visual pathway through the Eye" / "Visual pathways in the human brain" Immanuel Kant states that there are two realities. The first one he would describe to be the Noumenon: “that which is perceived” – the thing in itself-, reality in its primal form, existing without any perturbations caused by observation. And the Phenomenon: “that which appears” –the representation in the mind-, what we experience through the adept translation of our cognitive sensing apparatus and the processing of our brain. All of our cognitive senses are translators of vibration, vibrations taken from the absolute reality of the Noumenon and introduced to us in a processed form as the Phenomenon. I believe our basic function is to communicate with this ‘absolute’ reality, Dr. Leoward Horrowitz states that: “Less than three percent of DNA’s function involves protein manufacture, more that ninety percent functions in the realm of bioacoustics and bioelectric signalling.” Meaning that the very structure of our human biology is dedicated to enable us to perceive and act in the perceived reality we share. In truth we actually are able to detect and perceive a very limited range of frequencies, Vertebrate animals such as tropical fish and birds sometimes have more complex colour vision systems than humans. Underneath is a graph of the detectable light frequency spectrum for humans.

"Light frequency spectrum for humans"

Perception – Action

Without perception action would be unguided, and without action perception would serve no purpose in this dimension. Animate actions require both perception and motion, and perception and movement can be described as “two sides of the same coin, the coin is action”. So if we are only aware of one ‘piece’ of the reality, this should mean our actions are also contained in this ‘piece’ of reality. Consequently implying that if we could perceive more we could simply ‘do’ more. Who am I? – Ego Amit Goswami states that “we always perceive something we experience after a reflection in the mirror of memory. That it is this reflection that gives us a sense of I-ness. Who I am. Namely a pattern of habits, memories and past.” The constant identification of ourselves with the use of our brain is what leads to our mislead identity of who I am. This false recognition is the Ego. Eckhard Tolle states that “to the Ego the present moment hardly exists. Only past and future are considered important. It is always concerned with keeping the past alive. It consists of mind activity and can only be kept going through constant thinking. It is a false mind created by unconscious identification with the mind.” Further application of this false identification into the cognitive perception of our reality subsequently leads to a false interpretation of the Noumenon, the absolute reality, into a distorted Phenomenon, the perceived reality. Which came first the chicken or the egg? – Subject Object Split. “Subject object split is an illusory Manifestation.” Suggesting that the material world is the appearance in the mind. This perception roots itself in Idealism as the philosophical theory which maintains that the ultimate nature of reality is based on the mind or ideas. To try to explain this we pose the question of why we do feel separate from each other and our environment? Amit Goswami explains: If you imagine me sitting just opposed to you I become an object in your consciousness, you are identifying with your brain which is also an object in your consciousness. Leading into a tangled hierarchy through our Ego. We believe our brain is special because it is the subject of our experience. I the inhibitor of this brain, that I identify with is seeing you as an object in my consciousness. So you are secondary to me. This is the result of this tangled hierarchy which we condition constantly. This is why we feel separate. But in truth the observer is the observed. Let us try to understand this by delving into the realm of physics. The superstring field theory. Simply put string theory states that all of the different ‘fundamental ‘ particles physicists have discovered are in truth different manifestations of one basic object: a string of the Planck length (about 10^33 cm) which vibrates at resonant frequencies. How can that be? Well, we would ordinarily picture an electron, for instance, as a point with no internal structure. A point cannot do anything but move. But under an extremely powerful ‘microscope’ we would realize that the electron is not really a point, but a tiny loop of string. A string can do something aside from moving— it can oscillate in different ways. If it oscillates a certain way, then from a distance, unable to tell it is really a string, we see an electron. But if it oscillates some other way, well, then we call it a photon, or a quark, etc. So, if string theory is correct, the entire world is made of strings! Which means that there is no matter but only oscillation. Everything we perceive is oscillation.

Superstring theory visualization

John Hagelin explains the superstring theory as follows: Life is fundamentally one; at the basis there is unity, that unity is consciousness. Universal consciousness. It is not merely the processes in the brain it is the unified field. There is only one consciousness in the world, which is shared by everyone but is differentiated according to the filter of our nervous system. The understanding of this reality through experience is called enlightenment. Everything we perceive in this world is simply energy in vibration, and there is much more we simply cannot perceive. Quantum mechanics at the molecular-> atomic -> nuclear -> sub-nuclear level has the idea of particle replaced by the idea of wave function. A wave function is technically a vector in a linear space.

Vector representation

A wave function, vector in linear space is made of the same stuff thoughts are made of. We are living in a thought universe. A conceptual universe. This is a world consisted of potential electrons. What is the field that is waving? It is the universal ocean of pure potentiality of abstract potential existence. The unified field. That is what we are made of. Pure abstract self – aware consciousness which rises in waves of vibration to give rise to the particles, the people, everything we see in the vast universe. Namaste! For those interested in delving deeper into the subject here are some helpful links that you might find interesting. Great minds on RealityReality Link

Peter Russell explores the reasons why consciousness may be the fundamental essence of the Universe. Conciousness Link

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