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All about people

Monday, November 9, 2009
  • The first reason I chose the book New York nomadic design, was its title. Recently I visited New York and I thought that the book could complement the information about US design and art that I had gained from the recent trip. The book is the size of an average magazine, and is not too thick either. The cover has a metallic grey cover with a map of New York printed all over the cover. In addition there are four small images that are very different from each other. After a couple of introductory pages, I found that every single page contains three or four pictures with very little text. Those pages as well as on the cover show extremely different things, from a tent made on the street by homeless people to glossy slick furniture. I can appreciate the approach taken by the writer which is giving a real feel for the city.

Rietveld Academie Library No:9788425216213

3 Responses to “All about people”

  1. Naomi Souwen Says:

    Now I have read your post I really want to rent this book. The book has a great title. It is a bit a paradox theme because the word nomadic is not what I expect by thinking of the city New York. I think the book can be an eye opener because it shows a lot aspect of the society. And it is nice that there is the connection between design and the peoples daily live in New York.

  2. Samir Dzabirov Says:

    You say that the writer is giving a real feel for the city. Do you mean the real feel for the city’s design or or the way people live on the street’s.

    Samir Dzabirov

  3. Drupka Anna Says:

    the writer is giving you the real feel of the city because you can see a citizens as designers

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