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Thumbsucking for adults

Thursday, February 26, 2009

As you might know, a natural sucking instinct leads some babies to suck their thumbs during their first few months of life, or even before birth. Useally  they stop doing that at an age of 6 months. That means I continued 21 years an 10 months too long. Babies do it to comfort themselves  when they feel hungry, afraid, restless, quiet, sleepy, or bored. And yes, that counts for me aswell. I need it to sooth myself and give my mind some peace. Sometime I caught myself standing in the middle of my room, thumb in my mouth, lost in my own thought, totally away from reality for a minute of ten. Its my way to escape from the sometimes stressed world around me and slow myself down from time to time. I forgot the realization of time. I recommended to all of you. You need some perseverance. Maybe 2 weeks of practise but I assure you its worth it. Say Bye to stress and Hi to your thumb.

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