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Thursday, April 21, 2011

I ‘enjoyed’ the exhibition ‘beauty in science’ in a way, but in a way that I enjoyed biology or physics class in school sometimes.
To see the dazzling complexity of our human existence has since long fascinated me.

To look at life in a scientific way lets me wonder what ‘really matters’.
It demystifies life and mystifies it at the same time.
It lets me see what my ‘living’ is made out of and in what context it is placed.

When I zoom out I feel tiny.

When I zoom in I feel like a world on it’s own.

I am a universe.

I am a small spot in the universe.

Science reminds us, whatever we do we will always be part of nature.

But my fascination didn’t go much further than when I was sitting on my school bench being explained the development of a thought in our brain for example or simply looking at a night sky.

The pictures presented in the museum were without question beautiful and presented in an appealing and nicely detached way… but we have seen them before in books,videos and magazines and sometimes a glance of it even in ‘reality’. For me they have always held a strange beauty, as for the searching eye beauty can lie in almost everything. Their artistic message seems obvious.

Still I felt, the exhibition didn’t go much further than that. The question if science can be art seems utterly irrelevant for me as artists today make use of every aspect of life constantly.

The pictures seemed to be”readymades” in that sense that they were taken from an everyday life context into the “white cube” in order to generate question and thought within the viewer.

Is there a particular sort of appreciation, a sense of harmony, connectedness when ‘nature’s footprint’ is detected in a work of art (or science) ?

I had another realization I want to share: In that exhibition art made a comment on science. science comments on art/beauty as well.

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