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exploring universes

Thursday, April 21, 2011

the images in the exhibition “beauty in science” shows a dimension in nature which the human eye is not able to see and capture without the means of technological processes which make these realities visible. particularly the images of bacteria shown reveal an entire universe of peculiar forms, shapes and colours, which are partially recognizable, yet strange and at times even mystical. through the means of scientific research in microbiology and evolution of related technology we are able to further and further explore the multitude and vastness of this particular universe. science and technology make us aware of other dimensions coexisting with our visible reality and can introduce us to its beauties as well as horrors. new worlds and universes that are existing, yet not graspable are unlocked and made visible for the human eye.

similarly, artistic expression can unlock and open up new worlds and universes that might seem strangely familiar yet unknown to the viewer. The artist through development of his artistic expression and “researching” his inner world, his intrinsic motivations and interests, can create, or better unlock the door to a new universe, which he shares with the viewer by means of his work. through his peculiar visual language, use of forms, shapes, colors, materials and ways of presentation, the artist reproduces, creates and shapes his visions and ideas, his inner world, and makes it accessible, or at the very least visible, for the public.

scientifically explored worlds are existing, scientifically proven, yet not graspable without the expression of the scientist.
artistically explored worlds are existing within, yet not graspable without the expression of the artist.

science tries to understand the world, art can be an attempt to reflect it and to reflect on it by various means since it can mirror through exaggeration, abstraction, reflection, etc. eventually reproducing what the world surrounding him resuscitates within the artist.

both disciplines, art and science, can open up new universes by extracting information and translating the latter into a framework apt to human understanding through the use of peculiar technologies and techniques.

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