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“Beauty in Science”

Thursday, May 19, 2011

After visiting the exhibition, Beauty in Science, I had mixed feelings/thoughts about the exhibition. Of course scientific imagery gives us the possibility to look in a variety of new ways. It open ups a new world which can contain “aesthetics” which we can indeed enjoy like a landscape. In some cases I found this so called “aesthetics”. But in science this imagery has a totally different function that how it was presented in the exhibition. For scientist the image or the search for aesthetics is never a goal. The image is just a presentation of a data set (a model). This way of making an image will always be attached to the image, so presenting it as just aesthetic imagery is too simple. It would be interesting to also present the way of making the scientific imagery (showing the model, the data, the calculations). By showing that it would be a real search for the beauty in science. Now it was, for me, just a search for nice imagery.

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