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From submission to subversion

Thursday, July 15, 2010

This graduation essay by Mrova Zub covers research on open-ended forms of participatory interaction and tactical involvement of individuals / groups that do not solely operate within one discipline, but by overlapping disciplines and by constantly rethinking employed tactics, manage to transgress the presets, even if its only for a short moment. In preset regimes of coding and decoding (subjectivation), mutation is a crucial tactic in avoiding interpellation. Upheaval can be stimulated in an act of flight, a drift – a deliberate betrayal of rules and orders. Through constant actualization of connections, new energies are being released that help creative and tactical evolvement. Inter passivity as the result of a constant call for recognition from institutional and governmental systems is a tactical mutation that transgresses the limits (constitutes de-subjectivation).
The essay was presented in the context of the banner archive / workshop presented at the 2010 graduation show of Interaction Design-Unstable media)


download this thesis:
Towards Tactical Interpassivity, from submission to subversion

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