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The Spirituals of art – abstract painting 1890-1985

Thursday, January 19, 2012

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The Spirituals of Art – abstract painting 1890-1985 is a peek with a penetrating eye, into abstract painting, with paintings that  has stood and still stand symbol for many radical thinkers ideas, and big leaps forward in the visual. From Picasso to Boccioni, from Malevich to Pollock, this “pure art” in painting has played an important role through-out its history, in art and still is. Follow as the Spirituals in Art – abstract painting 1890-1985 takes you on a photo-illustrated journey. An enlightening text, covering in detail the world of abstract painting, its mysteries, in solving many of its riddles.

“A line is a dot that goes for a walk” says Paul Klee. It is impossible to fully understand the genius mind, its visions, ideas, or something like Rothko’s great grief. His paintings however can tell us plenty of our world and personal struggles at the time of the masterpieces creation, and now, as before the works birth. In this book the paintings are presented as keys to great knowledge (also where to find the doors). Read about the process of abstract painters. Read about the progress of abstract painting through time and the conquests within the field. Easy to browse in, rich in information, this book is a true discovery and it is unique.

The Spirituals of art – abstract painting 1890-1985  is part of the appreciated and influential book series Lacma, covering art with texts of renowned authors.


this post is part of he subjective library project "Unopened Book"
the book can be found at the Rietveld library : catalog no : 735.8-cat-9b

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