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Thursday, May 22, 2008

trashfotoLooking at trash as a designed object has been an interesting opportunity for me to reflect upon the house in which I rented one of the 30 students rooms years ago. It was built for junkies. It is cheap, ugly and has only functional aspects. It is absolutely unpersonal.

I returned to an object that shows both: the reason the houses were built for and at least a few personal things of the people who are living there now. Trash shows a lot about characters and personalities.

Because I used my trashy house many times for my own art projects, I was wondering how deep other artists involve themselves and there art in the world of trash.

I found a lot of different artworks. But here is a link for a website where you can find many different artworks made out of trash, founded objects and recycled materials.
Second a link to have a look at clothes made from recycled materials, too.

some more interesting links: robertpennekamp’s trash art project / Rauschenberg sues artist for selling his trash / Trash vs Design / top 5 chairs made from trash

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