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Valkea vuori ( Witte berg) , 1970 by Rut Bryk

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I have chosen this item here by the artist Rut Bryk . I found this piece of art of I may call it so very intriguing , it caught my attention and interest right away . It drew me to take a closer look at it , to really notice and examine the details and the amount of concentration and patience that has been put in it for it to be what it is now . While examing the details , I came to notice the introverted and extraverted parts aswell as the flat surfaced ones . The extraverted parts are pyramid shaped and the introverted ones are the negative shape of a pyramid . The placing and different sizes of the cubes within this whole item seemed as if they have been decisively  placed , I can see a lot of desition has been made . The different heights adds another layer to it aswell .

In Bryk’s biography I have read that she has designed a lot of her works with geometric inspiration and experiments with surfaces which comes into relation with architecture . These aspects are quite visible in Valkea vuori  , geometric forms are present aswell surface manipulation that crosses the path of architecture . The combination of these two things work very well here in this piece of art .

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