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Graphic Design as an autonomous art form

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I didn’t know what to expect when we went to the Graphic Design museum in Breda. But when I started at the exhibition about Jan Tschichold I was happily surprised! Actually I liked almost all his work that was shown, the beautiful compositions of form and colour. The work is simple and complex at the same time.
The posters were handmade; you could see the sketches of them and little mistakes or changes in the original version.
I loved that, because it was to me more a painting than a graphic design. You could see the playing of the artist with these forms and colours.
I chose for the poster “Die Frau Ohne Namen” as my favourite one, because it is a beautiful combination of film stills, shapes, line and colour. The triangle of the hat of the woman comes back several times; you see the movement of the train, as it comes out of a tunnel, which gives also the idea of a movie, which is projected. The addition of the colour red makes the image powerful and clear. To me it is a much better film poster than you see today, considering that it is an autonomous artwork.

So shortly said a very strong and beautiful film poster!

Tschichold’s posters interest me the most of his whole oeuvre, so I made a little research about his pictorial posters which you can read in this linked pdfJan Tschichold and his pictorial posters“.

2 Responses to “Graphic Design as an autonomous art form”

  1. Henk Groenendijk Says:

    I’m curious why you did not expect much in the first place. Go to the library (Rietveld first and look up Tschichold) And I always thought that Graphic Design was Art ……
    ps 5 spelling mistake in the spelling correction

  2. Carmen Schabracq Says:

    Isn’t graphic design an applied art form?

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