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Devine Jewelery

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Zuiderzeewerken I, Halssieraad Spakenburg 2009 (zilver) / Willemijn de Greef :courtesy Marzee

At the exhibition “Gone With the Wind” I saw a series of oversized necklaces made by Willemijn De Greef. The size of these necklaces made it seem like they were made for gods and I had the association of the gods in the Norse mythology. In this mythology jewelry play an important role. For example the goddess Freja owns a necklace called Brisingamen.

As a child I was very fascinated by the tales of the Norse mythology. The stories were told to me in school and it was interesting to know that the people who lived their life’s by the rules of this religion had walked the same grounds as me.

I think it’s interesting to think of the mystical beauty jewelry represents in such an old mythology. It puts the concept of jewelry in an interesting perspective, that the fascination of it is so old, and it becomes very clear that the value of jewelry is definitely not only material

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  1. Sif Ankergard Says:

    Sif A

    These oversize necklaces, and their beauty also enchanted me. The ones made of rope made me think of the Vikings and sailing. I find rope and braids to bee a very beautiful material, and for me it is like a story the way all the thinner strings are braided into one thicker and much stronger rope, like family stories or stories of the old goods also entangle and make a strong religion.
    I was very happy to read your posting because I had not made this connection to the gods, and the jewellery in the tales of Asgaard.

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