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Folklore nowadays

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2 Responses to “Folklore nowadays”

  1. Willemijn Jongbloed Says:

    I think you got a point by explaining that folklore exists nowadays and that it’s not area-bounded as it was in the past, because of our communcation skills. However, when you talk about folklore you only name certain ‘extreme’ groups (well, they’re extreme from our point of view) but have you ever thought of the group you belong to yourself? Because you too belong to a certain folklore if you say that gabbers and gothics are folklore. Do you see yourself as folklore though? I don’t think so. The whole point of folklore is that we look back upon a time. And yes, at some point gabbers, goths and we will also be folklore. But I think that needs another 100 years or so.

  2. Andy Woortman Says:


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