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Folklore is a tool of emotion

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Folklore is a way of saying that you’re the same. That you’re equal. People do the same things and were the same cloths as soon as they ‘belong’ to one an other. They ‘belong’ to a group and for that group there is a symbol, and that symbol is they’re clothing. Just like in the old days these symbols still exist and everyone has they’re own. The only big difference is that the groups have become smaller and the individual more important. But the essential rule of this behavior remains the same; love and affection for one another. It’s a way of saying this to you’re friends and family and group members without having to say it.  You just do, wair, eat, see, feel, touch, smell and maybe even think the same things, and while doing this you subliminally say that you’re a friend of your neighbor.

2 Responses to “Folklore is a tool of emotion”

  1. Layla van der Oord Says:

    I think you are right about clothing showing where you belonged back then, but that didn’t mean you naturally felt love and affection for this group. Because most of the time you were born into the group instead of choosing where you wanted to belong. Therefor, you could be bummed out about belonging to this group but because it was hard to get out you just sort of stuck with it .. at least before you were old enough to leave. I do get your theory but it is too generalizing.

  2. Gilles van Leeuwen Says:

    It’s more or less like the love you have for your parents; you can’t choose your parents either, but you still love them (most of the time)
    And if you don’t like the group, if you don’t love your group, is there’s no affection for your group. Then of course you will choose to leave and also choose to leave the clothing behind. Separate yourself from that identity. Then that statement becomes the exact opposite of what I wrote, thus conforming what I wrote.

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