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Experimenta, manifesta, documenta

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Three events that sound alike. This was the first thing that came to my mind as I entered the COME TO MY PLACE exhibition at the Westerhuis gallery.

Come to my place. In short; a project involving 8 designers / groups from different parts of the world. They were asked to create a sense of home in small living spaces, using their designs and products from their own country. Each participant had a space to fill.

The idea behind Come to my Place is todays global culture; how does it affect the insides of our homes? Local traditions are not a big influence anymore. International designers give us the supplys we need to give our home a “personal” touch these days. However there are still small details in houses around the world from which you can tell where you are… I think the designers wanted to fill these spaces with a balance between local and global designs.

I was attracted by the installation in the room of Miguel Vieira Baptista titled; ‘my kitchen in amsterdam for 45 days’.
Coming from Portugal, his theme was a kitchen filled with “traditional Portugese tablewear” and modern designs. His concept was that visitors of the gallery could actually sit down and use the kitchen there, which i think is not a very realistic idea in a gallery. About the design itself, I found out that the objects i liked the most were not his work but just objects selected by him, like the black stools and the tiles by Viuva Lamego (see photos). The “3d cube tiles” are a original, simple and useable product that I would like to have in my kitchen. Its funny that a normal thing as kitchen tiles can become modern by just a small change.

posting by Boaz Mout.                                      for more photo’s of the event

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