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Do Romance and Prostitution Mix?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

During ExperimentaDesign 2008, 7 jewelry designer were given a chance to work and live in the Red Light District. The project was called “Red Light Design”. RedLightDesigner Ted Noten designed red rings and sold them in the imfamous Red Light District in Amsterdam City. What caught my eye, the first time I saw Ted Noten’s display, was the way he presented his work. The rings were sold in a 24-hour vending-machine placed in a window where a former ‘working woman’ used to conduct her business.

“Be nice to a girl, buy her a ring” was his motto.

Basically he wants to add a little romance to the surrounding; the prostitutes, the men and woman that visit the area. Interesting in the way Ted presented his work is the interaction that takes place between the tourist and other people that pass this display; curiousity is aroused in almost everyone that walks by. But I started to wonder and question the work; does this designers work fullfill its purpose? Does the rings reach their intended destination? And do romance and prostitution mix? What would happen if we asked a prostitute her opinion? What would she think? So I asked a ‘lady of the night’, right around the corner to find out what she had to say.
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posting by Dana Jansen

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