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Come To My Place

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Come to My Place is an exhibition of eight designers from different countries of the world in the Westerhuis Gallery in the Westerstraat. They were given an empty space and were asked to make this space feel like a home. Creating this space, they were only allowed to use materials from local shops and building markets, and on the other hand using their self-designed furniture.
The main essence of this exhibition is the way in which people try to define their individuality, by using both international designs and designs from shops around the corner.

The Come to My Place exhibition starts with a room designed by Miguel Vieira Baptista from Lissabon. He wanted to create a kitchen, because the kitchen is a place that is characterized by the city or location in which it is used. He sends wine to the exhibition space every week so people can have a drink and feel home. A striking design in this space are the black chairs with shadows of three of its poles attached to it on the floor.

After that you can have a look in the space of Ovo from Sao Paulo
In this exhibition you expect quite stereotype rooms, but the people from Ovo tried to avoid this by making a symbolic place that they recognize as theirs through unfamiliarity like using the green and black chairs.
Today it’s not the tradition and custom, but the designers who guide us in expressing who we are.

These two were the rooms with the best designs. As you can see they were not typical Portugese or Brazillian, but these days there is a sheer of limitless supply of designed objects for the interior and the local traditions have got a diminishing influence on the individuals.

posting by Poul Brouwer

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