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Game called S, M, L, XL

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I entered the library with the intention of taking the first book that catches my eye, even it is based on pure visual, superficial attraction.
The book that I noticed first was standing right next to me and I instantly decided to take it because it brought me back to my past. It was a massive book called S, M, L, XL by architect Rem Koolhaas in collaboration  with designer Bruce Mau. I was 13 years old when I  held it in my hands for the first time and I was playing with it by choosing words and sentences from it randomly, translating them into my own language and retyping them in my big book of quotes. Today, 6 years after I played this game again and picked with my finger, with my eyes closed. The word was DISORDER.

-KOOL- 2a

One Response to “Game called S, M, L, XL”

  1. Maroesjka Verhagen Says:

    Your text has a good size, a nice content you could say it brings a smile to the face. Which is great but even better for the text is that you end with the word “disorder”. It gives the text a subtle twist.
    It doesn’t necessarily make me curious about the book, more about the game. The Book as The Oracle.

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