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Golden temptation

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I really wish that I had a very intelligent reason to chose this book but it is a very banal one I’m afraid.

I found this book in the graphic design section, what felt very familiar because I went to a graphic school before the Rietveld. Seeing those graphic books felt like meeting an old lover.

I picked this book because it had the word “gold” in the title and there was a golden image on the back. I cannot help it, but I am sort of addicted to the color gold. I even named myself Goldish. I feel attracted to gold like mosquitoes to a mosquito lamp.

At the left you can see my own logo. At the right is the image on the cover of the book. There are some agreements between them like the dot. I think that the recognition also made me feel attracted to it.

Rietveld Academie Library No: 754.5 cat 32

2 Responses to “Golden temptation”

  1. Anne de Boer Says:

    Could you maybe explain why you name yourself goldish?

  2. Jip van Steenis Says:

    For me gold is connected with 50ct, babes, nights in crowded design clubs, fur jackets and the glitter and glamour I will never admire. This makes me wonder with what you connect this colour with? What kind of things do you imagine thinking of this specific colour?

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