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The Yellow Dot

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I choose a book on jewelry because jewelry often has some very nice organic shapes and colors that in a way makes them not much different from paintings. The reason I picked out this book about jewelry, instead of the others was because there is a yellow dot on the book which was the first thing that got my attention. The pictorial content of the book was more or less what I expected, when reading the title ‘Twentieth Century Jewelry’.

Rietveld Academie Library No:

2 Responses to “The Yellow Dot”

  1. Naomi Souwen Says:

    This yellow dot is very abstract for me. I think this cover works good because when people see it they want to know where the book is about. I think it is the unknown what makes it attractive.

  2. Ga-Ram Jung Says:

    What a impressive ‘YELLOW DOT’. when I saw yellow dot first time. I thought it will be relate to Graphic design instead of Jewelry that’s what I like.

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