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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Why did I choose to write about this book? Why did I pick this one book from hundreds others? Why would you read this? Why are you reading this? Why would I write about a book if I choose it from subjective decisions in the library from the Rietveld Academy?  Why is Obama president? Why did I got this assignment? Why don’t we know what this text is all about? I don’t know why. Do you know why? Why does why seems so strange to spell for me? Why am I trying to be funny? If I knew why I wouldn’t write this, or maybe I would. At least I would never use so much words to explain something thats not even clear to myself.

Rietveld Academie Library No:

3 Responses to “WHY NOT?”

  1. Karoline Kvist Says:

    Why? Why is defined as: “for what reason or purpose?” Therefore “why” preassumes a reason. But what if there is no reason?
    Who knows why anything happens?
    What if there is no reason for you to do what you do? Or for me to do what I do? Or for me to do this?
    What if nothing happens for a reason?
    What if?

  2. Nora Turato Says:

    I think answer lies in a simple little fact that you are not a chair, table or box so you can make your answers and reasons. Being passive and wondering about Obama is the most silly thing you can do.

  3. Maria Ogliastri Larrea Says:

    What I ask myself is, why did you think about Obama while writting the post?
    Maybe the reason why you thought about it in the first place is the answer to your question.

    “Why does why seems so strange to spell for me?”
    How can the thought of asking questions can make you feel more uncomfortable than finding pleasure in easy answers.
    Would be interesting to find the reason WHY we do that. Huh?

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