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The objects of life

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Walking around the library, I laid my eyes on a book I saw last night at a friend’s house too. The book appeared to me a couple of times in my life before and I always absolutely loved it when glancing through. I knew this was my book. In a way it represents my interpretation of the world as I see it around me. The book is about being special in an ordinary way. It’s about objects just lying around at your grandparent’s house or things you see in other countries. This book represents designed, handmade and mass-produced objects. The extra ordinary yet normal stuff, from all around the world, showed in a funny absurd way.

What’s normal for one is very odd for the other, and so a lot of what’s in the book looks pretty weird to me. It makes you wonder… Are the items in my life normal?

Rietveld Academie Library No: 772.9-mus-1

3 Responses to “The objects of life”

  1. Megan van Kessel Says:

    Your text made me interested in the book, you didn’t read but witch you choose in the library. My question to you is how would you present human being (extra ordinary, yet normal stuff, from all around the world) in a funny way?

  2. Ga-Ram Jung Says:

    Sounds nice! it will give me funny perspective when I am looking object. because we usually use object for function instead of funny perspective that’s why we are studying in Rietveld to have different perspective from the other person.

  3. Drupka Anna Says:

    that book make me think of Andy Warhol, when he found ordinary stuff bit more interesting then others

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