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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

I picked out my book because of the colours and the way the book is bounded together. I had bookbinding class today so i was more focus on the way the books are made. The most spines are the same. But not this one! It is made with a lot of attention and care. The rope makes it a bit raw, and the pages makes the book soft. They look more like fabric. They look sweet and in balance. The colours of the pages remind me of today. A beautiful autumn day with a lot of sun in the perfect time of the season where the leafs are having all this beautiful colour. They make me smile and think that every season has his own character.

Its looks so modest on the last shelf of the bookcase. and I felt a bit the same. More focussed on myself then the outside world, specially when I am looking for a book. I felt immediately that this was my book. When I took it from the case I saw that it had the same colour of my shirt. But it was not a boring flat colour. The front was more a life. It was made with different paper. It looked recycled. You could almost see the parts of the other papers where it was made from. There was no text but it didn’t need it. Also the back was amity.  Except from the two yellow round stickers. I think the Rietveld placed them there for the order in the library. It fits my book. The yellow rounds where placed at the right place. I didn’t get the inside of the book. In the front there where more pages pointing in different directions. They are cute and necessary. It looks fragile hanging on this few ropes but also strong enough to hold itself. Anyways the pages looks together didn’t fit but that made it interesting to look at. I saw some black and white pictures, I love black and whit pictures. I just developed some myself last week.


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