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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Inup and his class had to form a tribe for one of the design blocks. They had to create their own outfits, according to a social handicap, chosen from real life, exegerated or immagionairy. And then they had to make a costume, a dress, a mask or a body extension to make clear what is disfunctioning. Some people choose mental illnesses as chizophrenia. Some people locked their heads up in boxes. Some people wore peculiar transparent dresses with almost nothing under it. Then they had to write something about their handicap in a book that is going around all the classes where the design teacher comes to turn the group into a tribe. Inup, what was your handicap? I asked. But he finds it hard to talk about it. How did you work as a tribe? How did you communicate with each other? What did the costume made you feel like? He wants to answer. He understands me. His face moves. His eyes are focussed. The answer is so close, but the language is a punishment. His lips are sealed.

Link: Silence?

2 Responses to “Silence?”

  1. Charlie Bakker Says:

    I realy like this. The way you do not actually tell what his handicap is, but in a way you also do. Nice.

  2. Vincent Knopper Says:

    i only like the last 6 sentences, there Inups own feelings and thoughts are the core of that part, the part before that, is too much storytelling/ explaining.

    vincent knopper

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