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unconditional brand communication

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

you should not pick up “guerilla advertising” if you don’t have at least an hour to flip through this book.
it is reporting about advertising campagnes of various kinds.
numerous firms and organisations (e.g. nike, addidas. mcdonalds, the protestant church, the united nations, amnesty international, unicef or oxfam) with different approaches such as provokation, investigation, simply advertising or social criticism are represented in this book.
the methods are new; investigation of space and the use of human habits in western society are part of the adverting strategies.
there is several opinions about the capitalistic aim of advertising itself, but in my point of view is this book dealing with a lot more than only the selling aspect of it. definately worth a glaze… or two. 754.5-lue-

keyword: overview

One Response to “unconditional brand communication”

  1. Robin de Vogel Says:

    Nice post and it is indeed a great book. The research and experimental approach on human behavior is what appealed to me most!

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