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The Royal Bread Cutter

Saturday, May 24, 2008

breadcutter“Use me, use me!” The tool screamed at me, when I first saw it in the second hand shop. I thought it was a French device for cutting cheese or meat and, although I never missed a cheese or meat cutter before, I convinced myself that I couldn’t do without it. Later I found out that it’s a Danish bread cutter, designed by the royal Raadvad, which celebrates it’s 250th anniversary this year. The company holds three main pillars: functionality, quality and design, and they are all represented in my “brødskærere”.
Although I have never cut anything with it yet, it still holds the longing for being used. And it is this longing that I like so much.

For information about the history of Raadvad: (For people who don’t speak Danish, you can translate this site with the following website
For the logo’s of other royal brands

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