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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

To investigate a design work, i chose the advertisement-poster „PSP ontwapenend“ designed by George Noordanus in 1971.
When i saw the poster, i liked the spirit and the freedom it shows! It has something light and joyful. At the same time it also has something humorous to me. The photograph might stand for the new freedom at that time, won from the 60‘s: the possibility to show nudity in public and even the use of it in advertisement.
Further more, the design and composition of the photograph struck me. The image shows a lot of (formal) parallels: the nudity and vulnerability of the woman and the cow and the pattern of darkness and lightness. Also the setting of the woman and the cow show parallels. And in the end, of course, the context of the slogan „PSP ontwapenend“ in connection with the image is important and interesting to find out more about it!


The political background of the poster back then, in the seventies (it raised many controverse reactions), is already discussed so many times. So I decided to relate the poster to recent times: living today, I want to reflect on the poster in the context of today, on the combination of nudity with politics nowadays…. continues as pdf

One Response to “NEW FREEDOM?”

  1. Henk Groenendijk Says:

    very good analyzes of the image. This poster was as controversial as the one of Anton Beeke (troilus). Made for a much bigger audience. It was the time of what became know of action tomato (the restructuring of classic theatre by tomato trowing public). Now the SP uses the tomato again in her political campaign posters made by Thonic. Interesting controversions, if you realize that the argument to use the poster (many were against it) was that every worker likes a nude.

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